How to add pag oil to ac compressor

I was told to put all the oil in the suction inlet for the entire system (after the compressor was drained). The presumes none leaked out! Recommendations on PAG & ESTER Compressor Oil. OILS USED IN AUTOMOTIVE A/C SYSTEMS MINERAL OIL Mineral oil is used in all old R12 (Freon) systems. There is also oil lining all the parts elsewhere. Get free next day delivery or pick up your oil today at an AutoZone near you. Put oil back into compressor. If less than 1 oz was drained from the old compressor, add 2 oz to the new compressor. Anyone PAG oil is the most common lubricant applied in modern automotive air conditioning systems running on R134A and R1234yf. 2L 4 cylinder. For some applications it is necessary to add oil. Discount AC Parts Videos Home Universal Air Conditioner CO 10900C A/C Compressor HS18 New 3. " That would put the total oil around the 13 oz area like was originally discussed above. extricate said: ↑ Also I think I read somewhere on these forums or possibly somewhere else that there was a guy who built a housing for his AC compressor, so that it I am putting a reman compressor on my 81 ande the maneul that came with the compressor is useless. CHEVROLET > 2002 > AVALANCHE 1500 > 5. Prior to purchasing an air compressor, be sure to keep in mind what the primary use of the machine is going to be. 4 each in evap and condenser? I still don't see this mysterious refrigerant tag in my engine bay. Do not add oil, dye or any other fluids. oz of PAG 46 oil. For example, where there is one and the same part number for Single and Dual evaporator cycles or when the oil quantity of the new compressor differs from the The system that I'm working on seems to have too much oil. You can't mix R12 and R134a oil together, they will destroy the compressor in a matter or weeks. of I'm getting ready to install a new compressor. rocked bottle back and fourth as i squeezed trigger releasing freon into port , in no time the clutch engaged and was running watched gage til i reached 34 or so . PAG oils come in several different viscosities (PAG 46, PAG 100 and PAG 150), and OEM recommendations vary. Hey everyone, I've searched vortex and tdiclub and I can't find a thread that goes into Some come with oil, some don't. PAG oil, or Polyalkylene Glycol, is a fully synthetic hygroscopic oil specifically designed for automotive air conditioner compressors. It is a fully synthetic oil, offers efficient and universal lubricating parameters, is conductive, highly hygroscopic, and can be offered in several viscosity versions (46/100/150). A shop repaired it after the compressor was holed and spat out all the oil along with the refrigerant, I'm sure. If you fill a clear container with it and mark the level, it will just go up as takes on moisture from the air. I've read a proposed rule of thumb to add 2 oz. IMPORTANT: If compressor has failed, replacement of the condenser is strongly Before adding oil charge, check specific application system requirements. But I have seen anything from 2 oz NEW AC Compressor Kubota Tractor 3C581-50060 3C581-97590 SVO7E AC Compressor SERVICE KIT SV07E for Kubota M108S M5040 M7040 M8540 Tractor 3C581-500603C581-3C581-50060 3C581-97590 447260-5351 447220-6771 447220-6750 447260-5780 447260-5781 447280-30 This is a new Denso compressor that is pre-filled with what I assume is the proper amount of PAG 46 oil (8 ounces). I have the pag oil and 134a ready to go. Bought a new compressor and drier. Checked with the garage that did my R12/R134a conversion and they flushed the system and added PAG oil instead of Esther Oil. If you go aftermarket you will probably spend around 400 bones on all the parts. empty, but either way we need to see how much oil was in the old compressor as a reference point. The industry standard rules are to drain the compressor of oil if it is shipped with oil. But do I actually need to do that myself, given that modern AC recharging equipment can deliver the required amount of PAG oil automatically? You can use an oil injector on the low-side port while the car is running, fully-charged. From there you can go ahead and add your refrigerant. The easiest way to check if AC compressor is bad would be trying to spin compressor shaft. Whether you’re searching for single quarts of oil or full service kits, O’Reilly Auto Parts has options to help you maintain your air compressor. Injecting Pag Oil Into a Car's Air Conditioning System. Its popularity coincided with the emergence of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) oil, which mixed well with the new refrigerant. They are sending a bottle of PAG oil with it. Products 1 - 28 of 28 Shop for A/C Oil in A/C Charging and Refrigerants. Keep your car’s AC compressor lubricated with PAG, ester, & mineral oil from AutoZone. I just draw a good vacuum, make sure the system doesn't leak, and then add the oil followed by the R-134A. It's been running a couple months now. It is used in R-134a air conditioning systems to lubricate the compressor. Actually, a compressor can be damaged (hydrolock) if too much oil is added. Not compatible with glycol- or silicone-based compressor oils. The new compressor may already have oil in it. Repair of Car Air Conditioning or installation of Car Air Conditioning parts should only be carried out by Car refrigerant & oil filling quantities Here you will find useful information and handy tips relating to refrigerant and oil filling quantities for air-conditioning systems in vehicles. Be certain to add the oil through the crank case bolt holes of compressor which have them. Interdynamics Certified A/C Pro R-134a PAG 46 Refrigerant Oil With ICE 32 (8 fl. Compressor Identification 13. The manufacturer recommends a specific amount of oil for an ac compressor. PAG oil is a synthetic compressor lubricant used by original equipment manufacturers in their R134a automotive air-conditioner systems. PAG oil stands for polyalkylene glycol oil. 01 oz is all you need as long as you didnt let one of the lines spill out oil Simply remove the high side line directly at the compressor, slowly if pressure exists! add 1. nothing to tell me how much to add. Your compressor does not have a sump like your engine does, it relies on the proper volume of refrigerant in the system to push the refrigerant oil back to the compressor. I am completely overhauling the AC system in my 94 Explorer. I just hope you're going to a competent A/C person and not some jack leg with an A/C machine. 3 Replacing Different Types of Compressors 5. system is you don't know how much refrigerant is in your system to add to it. 6. 00 (0 votes) SKU : 2487 . If repairing a leak, for the 2003-2007 Accord, Honda recommends adding 25mls. As a result, two new types of refrigerant oils emerged that are compatible with R-134a: PAG oil and POE (ester) oil. com good for a quick a/c add. Add compressor oil (PAG oil): There are specific volumes of oil to add based on the work done on the AC system. The problem with topping up your system is you don’t know how much refrigerant is in your system to add to it. Here's Why: For AC systems they have R134a and PAG oil separate, they mix together but generally can't use a proportioned amount unless you have high dollar machinery in which case you input the make and model and it'll do the rest. Add oil to the system when you are replacing parts like the compressor or accumulator/drier as well. 61. Sloan Express stocks a wide variety of aftermarket ag parts equivalent to the OEM part for agricultural equipment. Compressor / System Refrigerant & Lubricant Specs All oil specifications assume that A/C system has been properly cleaned, and new accumulator / filter drier has been installed. The hose will vacuum up oil until you remove the hose. 39 Qty: Add to Qty: Add to cart. As I understand it, you administer the oil through the low pressure service port, and rotate the pulley and clutch gradually as you add it. If by compressor oil, you mean you changed the compressor and forgot to put oil in it, I'd start over. But my confusion is my new purchased compressor states on the yellow label, "This compressor is filled with 5. Yes most of the oil stays in the components. That said people do make PAG work with R12 conversions. To much oil is just as bad as not enough. S. 25 $7. Draining the compressor gave very little oil in a cup, but I think there was more trapped inside both the old and the new ones. Most places use a flush to get the old crap out, and also replace the filter drier. The oil leak looks like it came from where the body castings mate together not the shaft seal. To recognize which type of oil to use check the compressor identification label, either attached to the rear or side of the compressor. 5 to 10 minute job easy to do. A/C question: how much oil to add on a recharge? You can put to much oil in the system. 5oz, put 2. a : Mono-compressor circuit. 45oz is designed for use with Sanden Compressors. But the AC didn't get used over the winter and, once we started using it, it lasted a couple of weeks before the compressor seized. How much pag oil do I add to ac system? new compressor and all parts flushed. Use AC Lubricants – it’s not that simple Airstal Technical Service Bulletin ATSB 83 / 05-2017 The lubricant is a very critical component of the automotive AC system. Note: Be very careful on the compressor to read all installation instructions, sometimes they are shipped dry and you will need to add the Proper PAG oil! In order to prepare a new compressor for installation you will need to prime it. Most 1996 and newer A/C systems use R134a refrigerant and require some type of PAG (polyalkylene glycol) oil for the compressor. 1987-1995 YJ Wrangler A/C Kit specifically made for our customers who wish to use an existing Compressor. I recently had trouble starting the vehicle in the cold new England weather so i removed my alternator and battery for testing. compressor, accumulator and so on. But man, it just doesn't want to take the oil. R-1234yf also requires a PAG-equivalent oil. PAG oil levels are for an ML320, which has a similar AC layout to your 98 E320. ) Condensor replacement 1. Too much oil will hinder system performance. I have a vacuum pump and a set of manifold gauges. PAG Oil. Be sure to use ONLY Ester 100 oil for a 134 retrofit. I bought 9oz of the oil that you add through the lines. See no metal shavings when taking it out. For refrigerant oil, an A/C compressor, or other A/C components, visit O'Reilly Auto Parts. This is a NEW OEM Denso Compressor with Single V-Belt Pulley Clutch. I wouldn’t bother with those oil charge cans either—I’m no expert, but I think over adding oil would be almost as harmful as not having enough, and I doubt you’ve lost much. During the recharge am I supposed to add oil to the system as wellor is it just 1. To drain need to rotate for several minutes (5-8) to take all the oil out Most people recommend to take all the oil out from the oil compressor, and fill the new one with the same amount, since we Automotive air conditioning compressors require specific types of lubricants. Second Generation XM (2011-2019) / Kia Sorento XM 2011-2019 Service Manual / Heating,Ventilation And Air Conditioning / Air conditioning System / Compressor Oil Specification 1. If you are replacing a compressor or other A/C components, make sure and add the right amount and type of refrigerant oil. When installing new o-rings or gaskets, do not use PAG or ESTER By adding extra oil in a system. Just look up your application and the oil capacity will be there. NOTE 2: Provided that no major oil loss occurred in the system, add the following amount of oil for each component. If your vehicle was originally charged with R12 refrigerant, for example, the oil type specified, 'mineral', will not apply. Changing AC compressor in 1989 GMC pickup truck S15 how much pag oil should I addreplacement compressor I got is empty of oil and  Save on Refrigerant Oil with great deals at Advance Auto Parts. WEIGHT OIL FACTORY OIL MODEL CYL. Manufacturer Manufacturer Type Part No Recommended Oil Grade I,II,III Pt No 1 Aston Martin Nippondenso 10P,10PA 38899-PR7-A01, 38899-POA- ND8 46 I 488046P 2 Aston Martin Sanden SD508 (R12) 8915091 Ester Oil POE Many A/C compressors have a sensor that detects refrigerant levels, and if it falls too low, the compressor will not activate. many compressors come with the correct amount of oil for a system. Additionally, General Motors issues Bulletin # 02-01-39-004B replacing PAG 150 oil with a lower viscocity oil. of Ester oil viscosity 100 with all their conversion compatible compressors. It also says if there was a large leak that 3 oz of oil may be carried out with the refrigerant, so you would need to add that, too. The oil works to seal leaks. You can have electric problems due to the slightly flammable oil and ruin your whole ac J2788H machines also do not contain oil injection capability, and this prevents the possibility of any type of oil being dispensed from the machine. R-134a does need barrier type hoses though, as the molecules are smaller and will slowly seep from the original R-12 hoses. 4. R-134a became the refrigerant of choice in U. Just add the oil to the top outlet or high fitting of the accum/dryer? I believe this is the fitting that connects the accum/dryer to the evaporator in the firewall. Bottom Of Page. Yes, a compressor will also be damaged if insufficient oil is circulating, but it's a gamble to routinely add oil whenever the system is opened without knowing how much oil to add. No information about using R134a and no specification like PAG-46, PAG-100 or PAG-150 etc. Hi fellas, So I'm replacing the ac compressor on my Buick Rendezvous, and have now sworn never to buy anything GM again as long as I live. Always refer to underhood A/C Specification Label or A/C compressor label while servicing A/C system. In my case, I need to add the oil manually and then get the system charged at a shop afterwards with plain R134a Re: Used the wrong AC oil If you only put in 3oz at the conversion, then I'd let it go. Check your compressor to verify the correct weight oil it needs, it's either PAG-100 or PAG-150. of PAG oil and this looks consistent with other post(s) as to Honda's specification. Air compressor oil is specifically designed to do the above jobs well. Please specify in the options below which Compressor you have so you receive the correct adapter. ) (which is the amount in the whole system minus the condenser and evaporator). If the system needs more oil Pace Performance offers the best pricing on products offered by GM (General Motors). 6 lbs of R134a? Save on Interdynamics Certified A/C Pro R-134a PAG 150 Refrigerant Oil With ICE 32 (8 fl. I assume that if it's off the car you could fill it through the hole, turn it up as if mounted and if oil runs out it's ok. Does anybody know it? When using R12 the manufacturer only writes 'mineral oil'. Add about 2 ounces of oil to the dryer and you are good to go. I would probably add the amount that has been suggested since you wouldn't have lost the entire amount since the condensor, accumulator, evaporator, and compressor will hold the most of the oil. Cleanliness and The AC system must be flushed whenever the AC compressor is being . It will be a PAG oil. system, pull a vacuum to remove air from the system, recharge the system ; and add PAG 46 oil as follows hey guys i just replaced my ac compressor with one from a 1994, which is a r134 compressor, anyways, i was wondering how do i put the oil in the compressor, the guy in the shop told me to use an oil charge that goes in the low side port, i think its called PAG oil, i did that but it seems as if there is still not enough oil in the compressor, when i turn on the A/C it sounds like the internals The amount of oil to remove (C) from the new compressor is A-B, 120-50= 70 cm³. You should always attempt to verify the information with your vehicle manual or information provided on the underhood stick, sometimes also located on the top of the accumulator. 4 Oil Charge Determination for Long Hose Application 6. The oil cartridge is missing from this kit. When looking at PAG oil you will notice various numbers such as PAG46 or PAG100. Sanden Compressor Oil . If you wish to add a Compressor to your order, you may do so in the options below. 1 R134a / Pag Oil Handling 13. HOW MUCH OIL TO PUT IN NEW AC COMPRESSOR Try draining the old compressor, measure the amount of oil and add that much new oil. If you had a large leak and you have lost some oil them add 1/2 once and you should be fine. Autozone said it takes PAG 100 and either the whole system's capacity is 5. how much goes into the compressor? Should I add more holding. My buddy recharged my ac with the recommended 15. This type of synthetic lubricant is among the first developed for commercial and industrial use, and PAG oil comes in different viscosities for specialty applications. 1 Jun 2010 Not if just topping off the system. EVERCO & MURRAY RECOMMENDATIONS Everco & Murray recommend that you use 8. I drained the original oil from the compressor. 2 Date Codes 13. SKU: Starting around 1993 all 928’s used R134a refrigerant with PAG oil. Info! All AC Recharge (compressed liquid refrigerant) products can only be shipped via USPS Priority Mail option and only within the continuous 48 states. close this window and add these items to your cart. That is, until your car air conditioner is blowing hot air and you’re left arriving at your destination with the sweaty imprint of where your seat belt crosses your shirt. Specs are for total system capacities. do not over oil i have fixed many cooling problems by correcting amount of oil in system. PAO-oils do not mix well with PAG-oils and with refrigerant R134a or Never add oil directly into the compressor, always add it to the condenser,  17 Jul 2018 If by compressor oil, you mean you changed the compressor and forgot to double end capped PAG is the best option since you won't have to  We'll explain AC compressor oil and how it can help your AC produce ice cold air your air conditioning system, use BlueDevil's Red Angel Oil injector to add Red . Use spaces to separate tags. It has worked well for years and would be the recommended lubricant for all R12 applications. According to the compressor manufacturer, I'm not supposed to remove any oil from their compressor but simply add PAG. TCW dielectric Pag oil is formulated to ensure your electric compressor and ac system lasts even through the toughest hot weather climates. If you are using the pure liquid PAG oil pour it into the accumulator and then draw the vacuum. Fortunately most people realize the harm to the system and potential danger of running an AC compressor with no oil. how do i add the oil if i need to turn on a/c system to add it. Thus, TechChoice now indicates PAG 46 (P46D) oil for those vehicles. g. Sanden Compressor Oil The SP-15 PAG Oil 8. Pace Performance offers the best pricing on products offered by GM (General Motors). finally, do i add oil first or last after i vacume the system down to 30psi The compressor needs oil; it didn't come with any and only has assembly lube and "Ice32" with explicit instructions *not* to drain any of it. 2 Table of Saturation Temperatures and Pressures 13. then filled it with R-134a and realized that i was pouring in PAG 150 the whole time. The following types of R-134a refrigerant oil are currently available. Despite the small oil leak, the AC continued blowing cold for two full years. You should also note if your new compressor came with any oil already in it. Priming a compressor consists of adding oil to both the receiver dryer and the suction port of the compressor. 96412612101 Porsche 964-993 AC Compressor. I need to know how much oil to add, and where to add it (a few oz's in compressor, a few in accumulator?). I know the whole process of how to pull vacuum and add refrigerant and all that. 45oz When adding ac compressor oil you should empty all of the oil used in shipping first. Oil Charging 4. I've got a 2006 Five Hundred With a ac compressor oil leak. We here at Auto Parts Warehouse want to make sure you're happy with your car part purchases. After I spilled the oil from my compressor, I put the rest of one bottle a d an entire second bottle of pag oil in the system. If more than an 1 oz was drained from the old compressor, add that amount to the new compressor. This is the worst way to install oil in a system (not to mention that the oil may be the wrong viscosity, because the machine might have PAG 46 in it and the compressor might call for PAG 150). Add to Cart. If you do not prime the compressor properly you could seriously damage it, and void the warranty on the product. AC Pro. More recently, a third compressor OEM has begun to offer PAG oil as an optional fluid. The fact that you had to add refrigerant kind of proves it It may be very slow leak, but R134a will be escaping. - Answered by a verified VW Mechanic Final question: Where do you add the PAG oil? There is obviously the suction/inlet side and the pressure/outlet side of the compressor. With the compressor at the rear, there will be slightly more oil used than You don't want to contaminate the hybrid AC system w/ conventional PAG refrigerant oil, due to the gauge set in question having been used on a conventional vehicle AC system. hope that helped you! 8oz PAG AC Compressor Oil. Leaks are the number one cause of compressor overheating and failure. Pending the answer to #1, how much oil do I add? When I removed the suction hose, oil seeped out of the hose itself, so I know there is oil in there. c : High pressure oil return. For now we had to replace the compressor, and we did with a used unit, because you cannot buy the service parts needed to repair the compressor. From the laboratory perspective, the condition of PAG fluids is relatively easy to monitor. 8oz in the compressor (as opposed to 5. Each major component other than the compressor counts for one ounce of oil each. checked air vent ice cold air worked great. I assume this goes in the dryer, but how do I add it to it? And how can i be sure theres enough oil in the compressor like they said would be? While installing a new compressor or any other parts in your AC system, it is imperative that you add the correct amount of oil. you will have to ad additional oil to the ac system, many use esteroil or what some call universal pag oil. The problem with the most oils is that they are not compatible with the electric system. The accumulator stores pag oil when the system is off just like all the other components, when one flushes or replaces all or individual parts oil must be replaced. The correct amount of ac compressor oil to be added is usually stamped on the compressor. GM Vehicles use Pag 150, or Pag 100. Adding it after involves using a special canister connected inline with the AC guages. My question is do you think I can add the recommended amount, 8 oz of PAG 100, then have a vacuum drawn and it charged and be good? Or do I still need to have it flushed? Save on ToughOne AC Compressor with Clutch T58152 at Advance Auto Parts. oz PAG 46 oil for vehicles equipped with rear A/C. So you've got a relatively (to someone experienced anyway) operational range here, it's not that precise. 3L V8 > Heat & Air Conditioning > A/C Compressor Add to Cart. w/ clutch As long as they pull a vacuum on the system, make sure there's not leaks add the proper amount of PAG oil and charge it correctly with 134a, you should be good. oz. Your supposed to loosen the bolt and if lots of oil (And refrigerant) comes out the level is ok. The PAG 150 is carried through the system with the R134A and lubricates the compressor. But in the paper which comes with the compressor, R134a is approved instead of DISPL. What I mean by that is, I got a used compressor from a working car a few days ago. Always refer to under hood decal as the primary source for refrigerant and lubricant information. Whats not to like its PAG 46 oil. Hi there. We keep our catalog up to date with accurate oil capacity information on every compressor. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk Remanufactured compressors are 100 percent tested to ensure compressor function and noise level meets or exceeds OE specifications; Remanufactured compressors come pre-charged with 3 ounces of PAG oil for R134a or R1234yf applications; Remanufactured compressors are individually vacuum and pressure tested to ensure no leaks; Remanufactured You need a vacuum pump, the correct gauges and plenty of R134a, plus the compressor may or may not come with oil. How to Add AC Compressor Oil. I just don't have any solid info on how many total ounces of PAG oil to go with. C-Tech - OEM PAG OIL REFERENCE CHART Re-Order By Part Numbers Vehicle Compressor Compressor OEM PAG OIL OEM Viscosity PAG Cartridge No. this is really probley the safest way to add but kind of a pain in the azs. I usually use PAG 150 for r134a systems. You will need to add 1 ounce of Pag 46 oil to the condenser. NOTE: PAG oil absorbs moisture very rapidly, 2. As I've drained the compressor and am replacing the condenser, that rule of thumb would give around 4 oz. They are used for lubrication, removal of heat and for sealing. Add to cart. R&R for W210 compressor and the post fill values are also attached. The system holds 5 ounces of Pag 46 oil, not including the compressor. Looking for top Ac compressor brands for CHEVROLET EPICA? Buy online Ac compressor for your EPICA without risk You have a huge range, low prices on all car parts + detailed technical descriptions. After adding oil, rotate the compressor drive plate by hand to disperse the oil in the compressor. Do I simply bolt the new one up with the current oil in it and have them put r134 in? Also I am replacing the condenser and dryer. You don't have to totally flush out the remaining mineral oil when using POE oil (assuming your compressor has an oil sump so that you can just replace the oil in that so that the vast majority of the oil in the system will then be POE). Besides lubricating all the moving parts in the AC compressor it also has to mix It's not the refrigerant that requires the o-rings and seal to be changed, it's the PAG oil. The balance of oil needed can be put in the dryer. a. However, adding too much oil to the system can cause a loss in cooling efficiency and, in extreme cases, damage to the A/C compressor. 2 Replacing Same Type of Compressors 5. The amount of oil in the plumbing is not listed and is probably the difference of what is in the compressor and the 90 ml (3 oz. 7L Warranty for 2006-2008 JEEP LIBERTY If replacing the entire compressor, you'll need to discharge and recover freon from the A. Adding PAG oil to used replacement AC Compressor 03-16-2015 12:01 PM #1. Now we use Pag oil and there is different Pag oil for different a/c compressors. You cant mix most oil types (ester, pag, etc. ) What I found out was: Yes, Generation 2 and beyond Priuses require r134 refrigerant WITHOUT PAG oil or ester oil or dyes. The FSM for my 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee says that if I change X component in the AC system I need to add Y ounces of PAG oil to said component. Esay to add oil when you have the compressor off just goes into he port. UAC KT4052 Includes Gasket Set and A/C Refrigerant Oil; With Now we can't find out what lubrication oil should be filled in the compressor when using R134a. for the compressor, but maybe that was the How much compressor oil do I add when replacing the AC compressor? 2 Answers I have a 2002 suburban with rear ac, the new compressor tells me to look in the oem guides but I can't find anything other than they recommend PAG 46. If you add PAG oil and run the system you may be OK if you can properly flush out the entire system as we did with HECAT flusher and use factory oil (or universal ester? Keep reading). ) GPH-6 at Advance Auto Parts. Application: Chemicals & Lubricants Description: Sanden PAG 100 oil 8. If you measure less than 2. Vehicle designers typically will note the total ac system oil requirement on a vehicle or compressor sticker or in a manual, and measured in fluid ounces or cc’s. problem is the PAG 46 oil is a pierce top like the refrigerant. Used to inject compressor oil into vehicle AC systems, this kit comes with one cartridge of PAG oil and a PAG oil injector adapter hose. since you had so much debris in your system,i would add a suction line filter to protect the new compressor. See, PAG oil is severely hygroscopic and sucks moisture out of the air like it's its job. 09 oz R-134a •Refrigerant Charge 0. I heard no seizing noises. 8L with front and rear air, I seem to recall about 10 oz. Step 2: Disconnect the electronic wire that is fastened to the air conditioning compressor. Now, you gonna wanna add the capacity that's recommended by the manufacturer; in this case, it's seven ounces of PAG oil. A/C PAG oil how much to add ? For some reason, on my '97 3. NEVER use PAG oil in a system that once contained mineral oil (which is what R12 uses). The book says to use 2 oz of PAG oil if replacing a compressor. First off- find out how much oil the system is suppose to have. Before starting you will need to know the The new compressor is a Murray and it says to add the recommended amount of oil to the compressor and to not drain the new one, from what I have ready anyway. Again seeing no metal. That way you'd know for sure. There is no “dip stick” to indicate refrigerant charge. So would I only put 2. 4oz in each for condenser and evaporator. Adding PAG oil to to AC Drier Looks like system holds 5-6 oz. Do I need to put any oil in them or am I covered with the new oil in the compressor? When refilling R-4 compressors, add retro oil at the suction side of the hose fitting on the back of the compressor. During the transition period of R-134a we started using ester oil. POE is both miscible (mixable) with mineral oil and a superior lubricant to PAG. In order to prevent pre-mature compressor failure, always replace the following with the compressor: Condenser, Receiver Drier, Expansion Valve and Cabin Filter. air compressor OEMs have used PAG lubricants as the standard factory fill in rotary screw air compressors for almost 20 years. If you have a neighbor/friend that has a vaccum pump / gauges and a 30 lb cylinder of R134A you can get out cheap. 8oz which is half of 5. 5. JPI If you have not cleaned out the ac system,the ac system will have oil in it,but,the compressor most likely does not have any in it,so pour about 4 to 5 oz in the low side opening on the compressor before installing it,and turn the center nut of the compressor clutch about 8 to 10 times,oil will try and come out the high side,when it does,this will be enough turning. Any help will be appreciated. 5 Aug 2019 If you are going to convert your old R12 AC system to the newer R134a, harder due to the increased pressure and eventually create a leak to seal. I have a 2004 Malibu 2. You are supposed to drain the old oil out of the old compressor and then drain the new oil out of the new compressor and then add back the same amount. 5oz of clean oil into the new compressor. Adding the right amount of oil to the AC system is just as crucial as fitting quality replacement parts in your vehicle. I'd find out from the seller. 45 fl. ND11 oil is fine. 3-5. As an example, Sanden R-134a SD7H15 piston compressor models use Sanden SP-15 PAG oil for service. The manufacturer supplies a chart which shows 7 oz. When applicable always add the oil in the condenser, receiver dryer or 2nd evaporator cycle. There are three main purposes of the oil. it mixes with the refrigerant and flows throughout the system, not accumulating in the compressor as some think. Compressor Oil Or Lubricant. ac blowing warm , compressor clutch not turning on. Re: A/C oil filling Sign In With this information you gave me, I looked at the compressor information and the compressor I installed has a model # SCROLL Part# CO3057 AC and says that uses oil PAG 56. Details about A/C Compressor Oil 8oz/ PAG Oil 150/ AC Oil/ A/C System Oil For R-134A. IF the center hub on your compressor cannot be turned by hand (with engine off), then the compressor pistons have locked up. The AC compressor is the only moving part in the entire system and the only reason for oil in the system. /Condenser/ evap/ exp. Including 88901445 - GM/AC Delco Air Conditioning Compressor Oil (46 Viscosity) - 8 oz. I have a '06 2. C. Low viscosity PAG oil charge for R-134a auto A/C systems. 01 oz directly into the compressor, check the o-ring for replacement. The new A/c compressor already comes with the oil. / ML (CC) BlueDevil's AC Oil Injector is recommended for use in R-134a systems to add stop leak, refrigerant oil or UV dye for leak protection to A/C systems. Since i have nothing left in the system as far as r-134a and PAG oil, i just disconnected (using a 12mm wrench) the port where the high pressure hose goes into the top of the compressor and pour about 5-6 oz into the compressor itself. i don't remember what they are but they are both came within proper limits once i let some of the extra r134a out. Add the appropriate amount of oil to the component being replaced. I found an R134a Oil Spec Chart that shows Porsche's Nippondenso compressor as using an oil viscosity of 46. 2. Too little oil will cause a compressor to lock up while too much oil will coat the evaporator and condenser walls reducing heat transfer. AC PAG 100 Oil AC Compressor Oil 8oz 2487 0. I'm thinking it's “PAG 46” (?) but I have no idea of how to recharge the lines  Adding oil to an air conditioning compressor must be done with the air conditioning system evacuated by a recovery machine, since it is illegal to release  How To Drain and Add AC Compressor Refrigerant Oil add the capacity that's recommended by the manufacturer; in this case, it's seven ounces of PAG oil. Step 3: Take out the air conditioning drive belt then remove the manifold lines that are connected to the air AC compressor Drain and measure the oil from the old compressor. How to Add Oil to an AC Compressor by Don Bowman Adding oil to an air conditioning compressor must be done with the air conditioning system evacuated by a recovery machine, since it is illegal to release refrigerant into the atmosphere. In order to get to the ac compressor i reomoved my air filter. The correct viscosity grade compressor oil is recommended for use in rotary screw, rotary vane, reciprocating and other compressor applications. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. Adding PAG oil to replacement AC Compressor Hey everyone, I've searched vortex and tdiclub and I can't find a thread that goes into detail how to replace a AC compressor with a used unit. PAG Refrigerant Compressor Oil YN-12-D Motorcraft Electric A/C Compressor Oil YN-32 REFRIGERANT COMPRESSOR OIL CAPACITIES IN FLUID OZ. How much oil do I need to put in the system and where do I put it in at. Refrigerant and compressor oil are two essential substances for any air-conditioning system. Read on, car lovers! The compressor has a sump. R/R/R machines were really only designed to put a small amount of oil in a  Order Refrigerant Oil for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase , Refrigerant oil keeps your air conditioning compressor lubricated and cool. You usually need to add oil only when major service is done. cartridge. The compressor comes with oil already in it according to the instructions. If You are replacing mineral oil with POE or PAG oil (see below) you must have less than 5% of the mineral oil left in the system to avoid sludge. Including 19354657 - GM/AC Delco Air Conditioner Compressor Oil (PAG-PSD1) - 8 oz. On start up the compressor "slugs" as if having too much refrigerant (R22). Hybrid AC Compressor Oil Injector Kit J-45037. Compressor oil is a necessary component in any air conditioning system that uses compressor in its compression system. I removed the AC Compressor and installed an by=pass bracket and installed a smaller serpintine belt to fit correctly. 8oz PAG 100 AC Compressor Oil $8. You could add a bit extra oil (1/4 to 1/3 oz. 61 in compressor) and then 1. When I attach my guages large amounts of thich oily foam come out. Factory Denso compressor. Personally, I'd drain any oil the compressor comes with, then add my own PAG oil. How much pag oil to add to rebuilt 2001 Chevy ac compressor? You should be able to ask at the autoparts store that the rebuilt compressor came from. Everything is brand new, except the compressor which I bought used, and the evaporator, which is the original (still need to flush it out). 21 May 2013 I cringe whenever I hear a technician say that he puts ALL the oil into a system might have PAG 46 in it and the compressor might call for PAG 150). Keep your car's AC compressor lubricated with PAG, ester, & mineral oil from A /C Pro PAG 46 Oil Charge 3oz, Part Number: PC-1V A/C Pro ADD TO CART. Cleanliness and proper flushing procedures are very important Why / When flushing ? The AC compressor must be lubricated at all times. Buy COOLBEAR A/C Compressor Oil 8oz/ PAG Oil 100/ AC Oil/A/C System Add all three to Cart ACDelco 15-118 Air Conditioning System PAG Oil - 16 oz. I have a Ford Escort It started leaking a bit of PAG in the area of the compressor. Excess oil impedes the cooling efficiency of a 134a system. Point being, the PAG oil that's been left in the open compressor will have more moisture in it than new stuff. ICE 32® Lubricant Enhancer has advanced chemistry to help extend compressor life and improve  15 Apr 2015 Underlying problems here may include a bad relay, fuse, wiring problem or a In other cases, the compressor may contain a POE or a PAG oil lubricant EVACUATING & RECHARGING THE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM 13 Oct 2017 These can include some of your most common refrigerants such as R-404A and R-410A. My AC capacity book for your vehicle says it holds 9 ounces of oil. mobile air conditioning systems in 1994. the new compressor will say if its oiled or not. New manifold gasket and hose o-rings included, as well as refrigerant oil. If you would use oil from your car or hydraulic oil (I’ve seen it both) the compressor will definitely die a slow (or quick) death. I've done dozens of systems this way, and the compressors live long happy lives. NOTE 1: Since 2005 most Sanden compressors have enough oil for the entire system. Try it only when the engine is stopped to avoid injury. Refrigerant Oil: A/C systems carry oil through the system with the refrigerant to lubricate various parts such as the compressor. If an older, SAE J2210 (or a “non-H” J2788) machine is used for conventional A/C systems, it cannot be used to recharge the A/C systems on hybrid vehicles that use an electrically driven The purpose of compressor oil is to lubricate and cool the moving parts of the compressor. If you've had the hoses replaced in the last 10 years or so they will be barrier hoses, that's the common AC hose now. 4 . NOTE TYPE ROTATION CHARGE cc. When disengaged, it should be spinning freely and without much effort. In a thermodynamics system with only one compressor, oil separation is usually ignored. The oil is being circulated throughout the Look into the concept of "Oil Balancing". It is not necessary to purchase oil labeled as compressor oil, and some manufacturers of air compressors even approve the use of 10W-30 synthetic oil in their machines. I just had my AC refrigerant evacuated. Products; How it works Home / Tips from the Pro / What is PAG and Ester oil? Do I need them to recharge my A/C? What is PAG and Ester oil? Do I need them On my truck, the oil is 8oz of Pag oil and about 34oz of freon, You may have a label under the hood with this information. How much PAG oil in AC system? I am using the original Delphi AC compressor from the GTO but the rest of the AC is a brand new Vintage Air 1962-65 Nova direct-fit system. To add oil, there are two ways. Forgot to addoil quantity is not based upon the compressor but on the total internal volume of tubing and all parts. ) to compensate for the oil During the R-12 refrigerant day's mineral oil was used, then came R-134a. Autocar QP7H15-1867 AC Compressor. hooked ac pro onto lower port turned air up all the way with car running . Usually a system without rear ac has 8oz. 5L engine. Not much is needed but a very special tool is required for this job. The oil circulates along with the refrigerant when the AC is running. COM Bottom of Page. you can put in either hole before you attach the lines it will be about 3 or 4 ounces of oil. Murray Climate Control PAG Oil. Oil Type: PAG 100; Click the button below to add the OEM Sanden AC Compressor SD7H15 4776 SKI4776 to your wish list. Our current parts offering includes a wide range of over 8000 parts to fit combines, tractors, hay equipment, planters, sprayers, tillage equipment and more. It's supposed to take 7 oz of PAG46 oil. UK 1. cartridge. 1 Repairing Compressors 5. 20 oz was used up. 11 ounces is for a complete new system, you are not replacing the 2 evaporators or the condenser which all contain oil. For the oil that you add to the compressor you can pour the oil in at the fitting of the low pressure line that comes straight up by the power steering pump before you connect the line that goes across the front of the motor on top. serious problems and can impact PAG oil because of its hydroscopic characteristics. Compressor Replacement 40 ml¹ 1. refrigerant and oil in the typical auto AC system. There is no need to re-evacuate the system with the vacuum after you add it. Compatible with PAO, ester- and petroleum-based compressor oils. Ill be changing the evap, the drier, and then evacuating and recharging. Air Conditioning problem 2004 Honda CRV 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 95k miles Im replacecing an entire ac system with all new parts ( comp. If anyone has had some experience with this please post up as I would really like to get my AC up and running again. I got a new Denso compressor and I believe it has oil already in it. Is this accurate, and will this oil suffice? 3. PAG Oil; 49 Watts Power Consumption Add Your Tags: Add Tags. Use the correct type NISSENS HVAC compressors are pre-filled with the correct amount of PAG oil. e. The system needs 8oz's of PAG 150 oil (the equivalent of the original GM part spec) per my GM FSM. This is an example of an oil test kit. O'Reilly Auto Parts carries air compressor oil for your hard-working machine. In lieu of guessing about how much oil to add, consider removing compressor, draining the oil Buy A/C Pro Auto Air Conditioning R-134a PAG 100 with Ice 32 Oil Charge, 3 oz at Walmart. 9oz of r134a but I don't think he put any pag oil in because he just used a huge tank that had the r134a and nothing else. Use an electronic leak detector or florescent dye to check for leaks. OEM Sanden AC Compressor SD7H15 4776 SKI4776. R-12 systems traditionally used mineral oil for this purpose, but this does not work well with R-134a. you can also add oil with a oiler. Once it runs a few seconds the oil is scattered everywhere in the system by the refrigerant flow. Currently I'm not sure how much oil is in the compressor. Generally, a new compressor will have oil in it. R-134a systems use PAG 46. It’s a sealed system and it doesn’t use oil like a car engine does. 6 kg 1. compressor label before adding refrigerant oil to A/C compressor/system. He evacuated the system so I'm good there but I'm just worried about not having enough oil for the compressor and that thing is a costly item to replace. Oil used In Automotive Air Conditioners Please send comment, corrections and additions to: PParish@BDSNET. I can only assume it gets added to the compressor some how and then gets circulated through the system. Amount of compressor replacement oil From what I've read in other AC Manuals and what I've practiced, with regards to the amount of refrigerant oil to add, is to add the same amount that you drain How does one go about adding the pag oil to the AC system? It does not say in the fsm. Instructions from the manual say to put all 8oz's into the compressor but they don't expand beyond that. I. After the oil has been put back in the compressor, you wanna cycle the compressor by spinning the clutch plate, possibly three or four revolutions. The two largest U. ATSUGI ROTARY VANE 1) Before checking and adjusting oil level, operate engine at A few issues ago, I replaced the compressor on my 2004 and it was impossible to tell just how much oil was really in the compressor and the system. Applications: 2- Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. That's the "suction" side of the system. Evacuate Your Air Conditioning System; Replace any Broken Components; Add Refrigerant; Add Oil; Evacuate Your Air Conditioning System. Valve / hoses ) My first question: is flushing the system necessary since all parts are new, Im just seeking for more opinion. 5 SL and I'm going to diagnose and repair an AC leak. If the A/C system running properly then you don't need to check for oil level and you can't tell if the system is low on oil. Which is better normal PAG 100 oil or the R134a with PAG 100 oil? and where are the drain and fill ports on the compressor? the rest I got figured out I just don't want to put in this R-134a with the PAG 100 and possibly put too much oil in the system. 1) If I'm doing a full vacuum on the system for 20-30 mins, won't that suck out the PAG-100 oil from the AC compressor & lines? 2) If I buy a bottle of PAG-100 oil from Autozone, what is the correct procedure for adding this oil to my system? EDIT: I've heard vacuum the system, then add PAG oil, then add in the r134a? The answer was a move to PAG (polyalkylene glycol) oils. This Nissan Altima AC Compressor replacement manual only applies to 2007-2012 model with a 2. How do I Add AC Compressor Oil? You probably don’t often think about how your air conditioning system makes cool air on a hot day. Then put 1/2 of the oil in compressor and 1/2 in accumulator. The compressor will get the rest but do not put less than 6 oz in the new compressor. The small hole is the discharge side. My AC system was recently drained from the compressor drain plug. When the system leaks or is evacuated, it also loses some oil. Acura Audi BMW Buick Cadillac Should I be adding compressor oil with my refrigerant? My low side cap was a little loose, so I tightened it - and it snapped off. Check Sanden label for oil amount. I don't have a feel for how many ounces I should compensate for oil that is still remaining in the system. 96 fl. Failure to use this type of pag oil on electric compressors will damage your ac system. Basically you measure what is in your existing compressor and add that to the new compressor after you have emptied it. If you replace a component in your auto AC system, you need to add PAG oil to keep everything lubricated! It was shipped in a protective box, and arrived without a leak! Add it slowly over a period of time, and don't add it to the compressor. Let the people with 12+ years of experience in finding and buying car parts help you find the best A/C Compressor Oil for your Nissan Altima. The SP-10 PAG Oil 8. If the wrong type of compressor oil or the wrong viscosity compressor oil is used, it may damage the compressor. In order to replace any components in your air conditioning system, you first need to evacuate the system removing all of the old refrigerant and oil. If you're worried abour lack of oil, buy one of those oil charge cans and put in there. 7oz of new Ester will be plenty for the new compressor with a new accumulator. The side with the large hole is the suction side. of oil per replaced AC component. Adding oil to the system is similar to adding refrigerant. that goes inline. Add 4 MORE fl . Normally if just a little low it doesn't loose oil it is when it has a major leak or you replace a component that you  13 Sep 2018 M-Class (W164) - AC Compressor Oil type PAG - Hi Everyone, I've got a new oil and add new oil, which according to the manual, has to PAG. This question comes up because people want to avoid poor cooling or failure problems resulting from improper oil levels. Oil mixes with the freon this is how the oil is dispersed to the system (compressor) so if you are low on charge (freon) then add alittle oil when adding freon. Details about A/C Compressor Oil 8oz/ PAG Oil 46/ AC Oil/ A/C System Oil For R-134A. Add about 3 oz to the accumulator. 08-07-12 07:43 PM - Post# 2256936 In response to dually502 drain the compressor and then add whatever amount of oil the tag on your truck says. copressor instructions say to cycle the clutch after adding the oil. I am tackling the evaporator change this weekend on my 95 850. it's not like they're going to fail if they end up with 9 drops less oil, or more. Ford, Chrysler, and most imports use Pag 46, as do our systems. and the refigerant is r134a (not freon) and the oil that goes with r134a is PAG (Polyalkylene Glycol). Your compressor does not have a sump like your engine does, it relies on the proper of refrigerant in the system to push the refrigerant oil back to the compressor. General Motors On all models except Saturn, use PAG Refrigerant Oil (Part No. Refrig System Oil Capacity Once the oil is dehydrated, the compressor is bound to fail, and worst, it could create severe damage to the compressor. If you accidentally add the wrong oil into an A/C system that uses high come to our 5 day hybrid class and experiment with PAG oil in the ACDC company car. 45oz is designed for use with R-134a Sanden Compressors. The compressor is typically engine driven via the accessory belt, and a clutch on the compressor is used to engage and disengage the compressor. The Condenser will bolt directly to Radiator Core Support. Oil Placement Highly Recommended Vendor Follow the oil balance procedures included with the compressors. At any rate, I ordered the compressor and it came dry. I did not add up the cost of parts for the hose, but probably less My AC capacity book for your vehicle says it holds 9 ounces of oil. That chart says TOTAL system capacity is 5. 1 ounces) of oil out? Most new compressors have enough oil in them to be fine. 0 review | Add your review. When you replace an A/C components you will need to add 2-3oz of oil. You can find those guidelines and other AC compressor oil information by reading this article about A/C Compressor PAG Oil. 1 Label 13. The little plug from the cap was stuck inside pushing down on the valve, slowly leaking my r-134 out. However, because mineral oil and PAG oil are not to be mixed, another A/C compressor oil was needed to bridge the gap. 3. On Saturn, use Saturn PAG Refrigerant Oil. Could I have too much oil in the compressor? open and air would be sucked into the AC again. R/R/R machines were really only designed to put a small amount of oil in a system, to replace some that might have been removed during service, not to It’s used to cool important parts of the compressor element. If you evacuated the system, the rule will be to return the amount of PAG oil drained. I am assuming you are talking about a diesel W123. CU IN (cc) lbs. Brand New R134A compressor; Has sticker that says "Note: ADD PAG OIL" I have an 8oz bottle of UV Dyed PAG Oil; How much do I put into the A/C Compressor? Hi all, I've been driving around a '91 camry for the last few months after I wrecked my 05 scion TC. There is, however, a 17 mm plug on the end of the compressor opposite the pulley. Customers often ask whether or not they need to add oil to an air conditioning compressor they purchase from us. So that's 2. grabbed the wrong oil at 7. ) and must have the right amount of oil in the system for it to work well or long. 4 lb ¹ If more than the specified amount of PAG oil was drained from a component, add the equal amount of oil drained. If you had huge leak with a rapid loss of oil and refrigerant you might want to add 2-3 more oz of oil. Diagnostics. Oz ACDelco GM Original Equipment AC Compressors pump refrigerant through the system and are GM-recommended replacements for your vehicle’s original components. If oil is coming out, there is a leak. Buy products such as FJC 2493 PAG Oil 46 w/Dye - 8 oz, FJC 2484 PAG Oil 46 - 8 oz at . Fill the compressor with the R134A & Oil; Attach the R134A Retrofit Label. Parallel flow condensers are not readily cleaned of debris. get a measuring cup,dump the oil out of the old compressor and make sure you add the same amount back into the new compressor. Mercury refrigerant and oil capacity charts. : Here is how I injected pag 46 oil into the pressurized system of my wife's car AC. My question isshould I add one of the small, pressurized PAG 100 cans in there or take the compressor off, get rid of all the oil and refill it. There is a bolt on the side near the bottom. Remember, oil is already shipped inside the Sanden A/C compressor, so in most cases do not add more oil after flushing the system. Either pony up and buy an oil injection syringe, or draw the system to a vacuum, disconnect the low side line and quickly submerge it into a graduated cylinder of PAG oil. I only drained about 1/5 of 1 once out of the compressor. 2 oz minimum or it's 5. Are you reading the book to get prepared to do the job. SD5H models are shipped with SP-20 PAG. Once you’ve got the correct type of oil, you can use the Red Angel Oil Injector to add the AC compressor oil to your system. NOTE! Refrigerant and oil capacity guides are based on data provided by sources such as AllData and Mitchell. A complete system requires 8 oz of PAG oil. But it is often necessary, especially when there is a long distance between the cold rooms (refrigerated cabinets) and the compressor. Do NOT add the total system capacity oil to the compressor or you will have way too much and poor cooling. You could also check for a sticker under the hood stating how much oil and refrigerant the system takes. refrigerant (shipping) oil. What I need to know is the PAG oil type and amount for the compressor and also the amount of refrigerant needed. Assuming you only changed a seal or hose, you don't need more than a 1/4oz (or whatever you pulled out). Also if you are just replacing the condenser, I recommend replacing the receiver dryer as well for excessive moisture in the system. I believe the oil weight is ISO 100, so "PAG-100" and you'll see it on store shelves just the PAG oil in a small bottle it's all liquid oil. Here a listing of Buick refrigerant capacity and refrigerant oil types for Buick vehicles up to the 2013 model year. 12345923). Drain that oil into a measuring cup- subtract from total. The other link said 1. Let it continue to suck air so the oil is drawn further into the system. 92812601006 Porsche 928 AC Compressor 1980-89. Click the button below to add the OEM Sanden AC Compressor SD7H15 4667 3579878-C1 to your wish list. 6 percent by How much oil should I add to a new ac compressor and what type? - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. If just refrigerant comes out it's low. You add a specific amount of oil to each component e. They have far more than necessary in an operational system. We will teach you how to add oil to your AC system using simply an oil injector, only here. You should get an ac flush and pour it in the Condensor, hoses and Evaporator to flush out all the oil. The HFC-134a system requires synthetic (PAG) compressor oil whereas the R-12 system requires mineral compressor oil. just installed - compressor, oriface tube, filter dryer, now i need to evac and fill the system. AC compressor manufactures specify the You are correct POE oil is best if there is a chance that residual mineral oil from R12 is present. then levels out, High side pressure about 150-170psi. SUPERCOOLTM PAG OIL REFERENCE CHART Ounces Milliliters Acura Nippondenso 10P ND8 PAG 46 6-7 177-207 Alfa Romeo Sanden SDV SP10 PAG 46 4 118 Audi Diesel Kiki/Zexel DCW ZXL100 PAG 46 5-6 148-177 2. PAG oil for Ac compressor. REFRIG. Are you replacing the line only or other components? Was it a slow leak or a catastrophic failure? If it was a slow leak, you may not even need to add oil. Do not use PAG oil as it is not compatible with the remaining mineral oil. If I am adding those specific amounts of oil to the components, should I then open up the compressor and drain that amount (3. A can of new a/c compressor oil; Step 1: First, you need to remove the low and high lines attached to the air conditioning compressor. Toyota uses Dens Oil 8 which is equivalent to PAG 46 I believe but most every shop just uses PAG 100. This usually spews particulate downstream of the system. Seal up system, and go get it evacuated and charged. Application: Chemicals & Lubricants Description: Sanden PAG 46 oil 250 ml (8. the compressor came with the proper weight PAG oil and I added some to the system like was recommended when I installed it. Air compressor oil and motor oil are not interchangeable, and only air compressor oil should be used in your compressor. 61oz oil. 7. both the low and high side are normal. Reinstalled the air filter. TCW dielectric pag oil is specially formulated to work specifically with hybrid and electric compressors. The system was functioning properly prior to being drained, so I don't need any new components, but I do need to replace the oil and refrigerant charge in the system. Please let us know if you need anything else to get the problem fixed. Drain the mineral oil out, replace it with the new oil, charge the system with refrigerant and run the system for at least 1 hour. Drain compressor oil from new compressor and add refrigerant oil to new compressor according to amount removed from old compressor. Remove the 15mm bolt on the driver’s side of the old compressor and drain the oil into a measuring container. Here are the capacities from the service manual Polyalkaline Glycol (PAG) Refrigerant Oil System Capacity V7 8. AC work goes to the shop IMHO or drain the compressor,and see what is Put all the oil emptied out of the compressor. Drain the oil out of your old compressor and measure, that is the amount you put in the new compressor. how much PAG oil do i need to put into the compressor? i have an 8oz bottle. 4 oz¹ Condenser Replacement 60 ml¹ 2 oz¹ Evaporator Replacement 60 ml¹ 2 oz¹ •Total System PAG Oil Capacity 180 ml 6. 2 in just the compressor. how to add pag oil to ac compressor

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